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RulerAbout the Robert Johnson transcriptions...


Given Robert Johnson's pronunciation and the quality of the recordings, it's often hard to tell what exactly he's singing. I've consulted several sources on Robert Johnson's' songs, on the internet as well as in printed and published form such as songbooks and I had to come to the conclusion that the dead right and certain transcription of a song probably doesn't exist or there is no way to be sure which one it is. So if you're looking for certified exact transcriptions, wander on blues boy or gal because you won't find them here. What you will find however, is transcriptions that I think are (most likely to be) correct and in many occasions alternative word(s) or phrases for a specific part of the song. Finally, for some songs you'll find bits and pieces of interesting background information, enjoy !.

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RulerTable Of Content (41 songs: 41 lyrics, 41 tab (in txt + GuitarPro format!), 41 sound clips)

32-20 Blues
Come On In My Kitchen (1)
Come On In My Kitchen (2)
Cross Road Blues (1)
Cross Road Blues (2)
Dead Shrimp Blues
Drunken Hearted Man (1)
Drunken Hearted Man (2)
From Four Till Late
Hell Hound On My Trail
Honeymoon Blues
I'm A Steady Rollin' Man
I Believe I'll Dust My Broom
If I Had Possession Over Judgment Day

Kind Hearted Woman Blues (1)
Kind Hearted Woman Blues (2)
Last Fair Deal Gone Down
Little Queen Of Spades (1)
Little Queen Of Spades (2)
Love In Vain (1)
Love In Vain (2)
Malted Milk
Me And The Devil Blues (1)
Me And The Devil Blues (2)
Milk Cow's Calf Blues (1)
Milk Cow's Calf Blues (2)
Phonograph Blues (1)
Phonograph Blues (2)

Preachin' Blues (Up Jumped The Devil)
Rambling On My Mind (1)
Rambling On My Mind (2)
Stones In My Passway
Stop Breakin' Down Blues (1)
Stop Breakin' Down Blues (2)
Sweet Home Chicago
Terraplane Blues
They're Red Hot
Traveling Riverside Blues
Walkin' Blues
When You Got A Good Friend(1)
When You Got A Good Friend(2)



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Bluesman Harry
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Januaty 1 2001

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