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What's it all about...

This page is dedicated to blues music and nothing but the blues. If you like blues music too and you're looking for lyrics of blues songs and/or having problems understanding what is being sung and/or understanding the meaning of the lyrics this site might be of some interest to you. (Only blues lyrics?. Well, apart from blues lyrics we also have... blues lyrics, blues lyrics, blues lyrics, blues lyrics and some more blues lyrics. An occasional jazz, rock or pop lyrics may have slipped by the blues lyrics though...). As you probably guessed by now, blues lyrics is the main theme of this site. However, we do have lots of other blues related goodies, check out the list further down below for them!. Wanna know more about this site? Read About... it!

enjoy the site!

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May 14, at last: Albert Collins Lyrics!!!
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So what ISSS "the Blues" ?
I gots, I NEEEEEDS to know it bad !

(So what happens if you play blues music backwards?
Your wife returns to you, your dog comes back to life, and you get out of prison)


On this site you will find:

- History of the blues in nutshells, including a basic and an extended blues tree
- Blues language, explanation of words, terms and phrases used in blues songs
- Lyrics sorted by artist, so far 94 artists
- Lyrics sorted by title, so far 2,808 songs (2,240 on this site + 568 on external fan sites)
- Lyrics sorted by their main and sub-topic(s), so far 382 song entries in 21 categories
- Soundclips (Real Audio, ca. 30 sec.) of 1,467 songs
- Blues tabs & chords, so far 60 artists, 94 links to 1,260 tabs & chords files
- lyrics and lyrics ID requests by visitors, blues fans to the rescue!
starting a blues collection? But what CD's to choose?!?. The Essential Blues CD's - Blues book selection on the Bookshelf, so far 68 books on the shelf
- completely renewed, Harry's now has it's OWN dedicated Message Board and info for other blues lovers here!
- Favorite Links: blues lyrics sites, music guides, music stores, Links pages, etc.
- ALL NEW! the "The Chat Room!" page, wanna chat with some other blues addicts?
ALL NEW! the "Blues Musician Ad's" page, post your ad's for blues musicians wanted/available here, for free of course!
- ALL NEW! the "Awards" page, yep, Harry's received a couple awards.


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