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Lonely Man

by Aaron Carthen Reed
recording of 19
Junk Food (Delmark 3970), copyright notice

I'm a lonely man, wrapped up all in this world of mine
Lord I'm lonely, I'm wrapped up all in this old world of mine
Now I gotta find me somebody, an' I won't have to sing these blues an cry

I feel bad, I feel so bad than I ever been, Lord, I feel bad, bad, bad
I feel so bad than I ever been
Now I ain't had no good lovin', well, well, well, since you know when

Well now I went out with my woman last night
She asked me what did I wanna do
I said, "I need some lovin' darlin' "
She said, "Ooo what the hell bit you?"

Now I'm lonely
I'm wrapped up all in this old world of mine, oh Lord
Now if I don't find nobody
I'm stayin' home 'til I die

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