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Albert Collins


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Ego Trip


by Albert Collins, arrangement by Casey Jones (drums & vocal)
recording of 1983

from Don't Lose Your Cool (Alligator ALCD-4730), copyright notice

Tryin' to tell you baby, about your trip
Ev'rytime I talk to ya baby, Lord, you give me that lip
I know what you mean, baby yeah, about your past
Ev'rytime I talk to you baby yeah, you ain't got no class

(You're on an ego trip)
(You're on an ego trip)
(You're on an ego trip)
(You're on an ego trip)

Take ya downtown, to get me a pair of shoes
Come back home girl, Lord, talkin' like a fool
Sometimes baby, yeah, you don't have no class
Cheap old talkin' girl, Lord, I'm gonna get on your ass

(You're on an ego trip) ha
(You're on an ego trip)
(You're on an ego trip)
(You're on an ego trip) yeah, yeah

I been knowin' about your trip baby, yeah
It come to pass
Ev'ry time I talk to you baby, Lord
You give me that mess

(You're on an ego trip) ha
(You're on an ego trip) that girl
(You're on an ego trip) yeah
(You're on an ego trip)

"You got that old ego goin' on"

"Gotta school you next week"

"An' I told you to get yourself together now"

"So you can get me them shoes"

"Ya ain't come back wit' 'em yet"


"I told you 'bout that talkin' back"


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