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I Got A Problem


by Albert Collins
recording of 1980

from Frostbite (Alligator ALCD-4719), copyright notice

I've got a problem, I say I got a problem
I got a problem people, I've got a problem
I got a problem 'bout my woman
I got a problem 'bout my wife

An' all you, when you see me stand here, two's in my life1
I know you might be wonderin', did I wreck my life?
Well, I got a problem 'bout my woman, ha!
I got a problem 'bout my wife

Now my wife is number one, my woman is number two
My woman would do things for me, that my wife wouldn't do
'Cause I dig my wife, but you understand
Sometime it takes two ya'all, to satisfy one man

My problem started out
When I started messin' 'round with number three
She called up my wife, an' told on my woman an' me
Now my wife packed up her clothes
Went home to her mother
My woman went off, an' found another lover

I've got a problem, uh, huh!
I got a problem with my wife
Got a problem with my woman, yeah
Got a problem with my wife (talk, talk, talk)

Note 1: two's in my life, the transcriber, Anita Cantor, wrote: "Well I give up on line 5!. I mean, I could go on the next month changing it... 'tears in my eye' sounds like what it should be. But he starts the word with "L" but he uses the word 'life' in the next line. So it looks wrong but I think it's right. Maybe the whole line is wrong, but if someone wants to correct it, they can be my guest!". The invitation still stands mail me if you have any idea's on this part of the lyrics!.

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