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I'll Play The Blues For You (Part 1 and 2)


by Jerry Beach
recording of 1972

from The Best Of Albert King (Stax 60-005 or Fantasy 60005), copyright notice

If you're down an' out, an' you feel real hurt
Come on over, to the place where I work
An' all your loneliness, I'll try to soothe
I'll play the blues for you

Don't be afraid, come on in
You might run across, yeah, some of your old friends
All your loneliness, I've got to soothe

I'll play the blues for you

Come on in, sit right here
Let's rap awhile
Ya see I'm kinda lonely too, yeah
An' loneliness is a very bad thing
If ya let it get the best of ya

An' loneliness can get ya down, you know
Yeah, yeah, are you comfortable now?
Yeah, yeah, that's outta sight

Yeah, as I was sayin' before
Loneliness can get you down, an'I have heard of, ah
Loneliness blowin' some good people's mind, ya know?
But ya can't do that
This is a big world, this is a big world
An' there's too many nice things happenin' in this world

You're a very pretty girl
Where you live?
No, no, no, disregard that, that's okay, that's okay
Most important thing
I wanna know YOU
I say, I wanna know YOU

Uh-huh, ooo-wee, that's groovy, ain't it?)

I'll play the blues for you

I ain't got no big name
Oh Lord, an' I ain't no big star
I'll play the blues for you, on my guitar
All your loneliness, I'll try to soothe

I'll play the blues for you, um!

'Cuse me

Um! woo! um! Woo! Uh-huh, yeah!
Uh-huh! um! Oh!

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