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Help The Poor (Version 1)


by Charlie Singleton
recording of 1964

from King Of The Blues 4 CD Box Set (MCA MCAD4-10677), copyright notice

Help the poor (chorus: help the poor)
Won't you help poor me (chorus: help poor me)
I need help from you baby
Need it desperately (chorus: I need help)
I need you so much
I need you're care
I need all the loving baby you can spare
Help the poor
Oh, baby help poor me (chorus: sha-lala-lala-la)

Say you will
Say you'll help me on
I can't make it no further
In this world alone
Baby I'm beggin' with tears in my eyes
For your loving, don't you realize
I need help, oh baby
Help poor me

You are my inspiration (chorus: sha-lala-lala-la)
You could make me be a king
But if you don't come to my rescue (chorus: sha-lala-lala-la)
I couldn't ever be anything

Help the poor (chorus: help the poor)
Baby help poor me (chorus: help poor me)
Have a heart won't you baby
Listening to my plea (chorus: I need help)
I fell off the curb till I found you
You got what it takes baby, to pull through
Help the poor
Oh, baby won't you help poor me (chorus: sha-lala-lala-la)

I'm in trouble don't you see (chorus: sha-lala-lala-la)
Only your love can save me (chorus: sha-lala-lala-la)
Help the poor, help the poor (chorus: sha-lala-lala-la)

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