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I've Got A Right To Love My Baby


by B.B. King / Sam Ling
recording of probably 1987

from The Best of B.B. King, Vol. 2 (ACE 199), copyright notice

I've got a right to love my baby, she treats me just like a king
I've got a right to love my woman, she treats me just like a king
Yes, she's my mind, body and soul, yes, my baby, she can do 'most anything

Yes, she's my doctor when I'm sick, people, she's my all-around standby
Oh, she's my lawyer when I'm in trouble, people, she's my mother when I wanna cry
Yes, I've got a right to love my baby, oh, can't you see the reason why?

Oh, that gives me the right to love my woman, she's always here by my side
Oh, my sweet understanding baby, she makes my temperature rise
Yes, and when it comes to kind treating people, my baby's an angel in disguise

Oh, when I'm sick she is my doctor, when I'm well she's my pride and joy
Yes, when I'm cold she's my cover, yes, she calls me her little baby boy
Yes, when I'm tired and wanna play, people, it's my baby that's my toy

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