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If I Lost You


by B.B. King / Jules Taub
recording of 1992 or 1998

from Heart & Soul (Virgin 40072) & Blues on the Bayou (MCA 11879),
copyright notice

Hey, you're the greatest thing in my life, baby
Oh, without your love baby, I don't know just what I'll do
Oh, years of loving you, you've been so true
I believe I'd lose my mind if I lost you

Oh, I guess I've been lucky to have someone so dear
To talk and laugh and always bring me cheer
Oh, after all of this years, you've been so true to me baby
I believe I'd lose my mind if I lost you

Oh, after all the lies I've told you
Just like givin' you, givin' you the stars
Oh, buying you mink coats, mink coats and diamonds
Money in the bank and each year, each year two brand new cars

Hey, you've the greatest thing in my life baby
Oh, between me and you, I've know I got the best deal
Oh, let me thank you, thank you baby
You've been so true I'd lose my mind if I lost you

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