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You Put It On Me


by Maya Angelou / Quincy Jones
recording of 1968

from King Of The Blues 4 CD Box Set (MCA MCAD4-10677), copyright notice

They say there ain't no woman that a man can trust
That they all use juju, and goofy dust
But I don't argue baby
And I ain't gonna make no fuss
'Cause I'm glad, glad, glad, I'm so glad baby
That you put it on me

Oh, I had pretty women in every town
And I played so hard when the sun went down
Oh, but you stopped my partying
You stopped my partying when you came around baby
Hmm and I'm so glad
I'm so glad, I'm so glad, I'm so glad baby
That you put it on me

If I hollered for help
The doctor would come
If I asked for medicine
You know he'd give me some
But that wouldn't cure me baby
Oh, and you know that wouldn't be no fun
So you just keep on, keep on mama
Oh, you just keep on puttin' it on me

Yes, just keep it up baby
Keep on puttin' it on me
Keep it up, keep on, keep on, keep on, keep on baby...

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