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Keeps On A-Rainin'


by Max Kortlander / Williams
recording of 1923 or 1924
The Complete Recordings, Vol. 1 (Columbia/Legacy C2K-47091), copyright notice

One dark and stormy night, Bill Jones was feeling blue
Things didn't seem just right, so he didn't know just what to do
I said: Bill, please tell me, ain't you satisfied?
He looked around so pitiful, then to me he replied

Keeps on a-rainin', look how it's rainin'
Papa he can't make no time
Wind keeps blowing, cold wind blowing
Soon I'll find a southern clime1
In the wintertime when it starts to snow
You know you pretty mama's got to have some dough
Keeps on rainin', look how it's rainin'
Papa he can't make no time

Ain't the snow just beautiful, some people say
But I'd rather see it in a moving picture play
Keeps on snowin', look how it's snowin'
Papa he can't make no time

Note: subtitle "Papa, He Can't Make No Money";
Note 1: clime, climate.

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