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Weary Blues

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I wish I could lose these weary blues
My tired heart can't love no more
Can't love the way it did before

My love was big, your love was small
And now I've gotten no love at all
Wish I could lose these weary blues

Want you in the mornin' and I want you in the evenin'
Yes, I want you, yes I want you but it don't do no good
Miss you when it's rainin' and I miss you when it's shinin'
and I wish that I could kiss you and I would if I could

But my heart can't forget the run-around it used to get
Oh, can't you see? I'm tired of this old unfair one-sided love
Come back to me, please don't refuse,
and help me lose these weary blues

Note: I'm pretty sure this is a Bessy Smith song. Just can't find the album it's on, yet. If you know more about this song, please mail me.

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