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Yodling Blues


by Hill / Williams
recording of June 14, 1923
The Complete Recordings, Vol. 1 (Columbia/Legacy C2K-47091), copyright notice

The blues, the blues, the yodling1 blues
They seem to haunt me all the time
Because that I ain't got no one
That will console my mind
It seems to me no happiness will I ever find
No happiness will I find

Lord, lord, lord, lord
Lord, lord, lord, lord
My man went out without a cause

I wonder who put them jinx on me, I said, them jinx on me,
I wonder who put them jinx on me, lowdown jinx on me
My man's gone back to his used-to-be

I'm gonna yodel, yodel my blues away, I said, my blues away
I'm gonna yodel, yodel my blues away, ee-ooo, I'm gonna yodel
Till things come back my way

I've got the blues, go spread the news
I've got those doggone yodling blues

Note 1: yodling, to sing by suddenly changing from a natural voice to a falsetto and back. Also, to shout or call in a similar manner. From the German word Jodeln.

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