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Gear Jammer


by George Thorogood
recording of 1985
Maverick (Rounder 3045) & Let's Work Together Live (EMI 31948 or EMI 3718) & The Baddest Of George Thorogood And The Destroyers (EMI E2-97718 or Capitol 97718), copyright notice

Running my rig around ninety-five,
rockin' and rollin' in overdrive
My heart's beating like a jackhammer,
it's the midnight ride for the gear jammer

Nine long days through twenty-three states,
I gotta see my baby soon you know I just can't wait
The police catch me I'll end up in the slammer,
'cause the law don't want no gear jammer

Running my rig in a mighty high gear,
I don't care where I go just long as it ain't here
Something gets in my way you know I'm gonna ram it,
nobody fools around with this gear jammer

Running my rig about ninety-five,
I'm a-rockin' and a-rollin' in overdrive
My heart's beating like a jackhammer,
don't you get in the way of this gear jammer

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