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Howlin' Wolf


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Cadillac Daddy (Mr. Highway Man)


by Chester Burnett a.k.a. Howlin' Wolf
recording of January 1952

from Cadillac Daddy: Memphis Recordings 1952 (Rounder 28), copyright notice

Be careful what you're drivin', man
That Cadillac may get away, you better be careful!

There standin' the highway man, standin' parked on the road
There standin' there highway man, parked on the road
You better watch out for the red light, just before you go

Green light says go, red light says stop
Look-a-here boy, you better be on your watch
There's standin' a highway man, parked on the side of the road
You better be careful, 'bout how you drive on the road

I love the Cadillac, long wreckin' machine
I love a Cadillac, it's a long wreckin' machine
Me an my baby can ride it, ev'rything is nice 'til then

I'll make a cool hundred, I ain't got time to stop for gas
I'll make a cool hundred, I ain't got time to stop for gas
I'm gonna drive this automobile, just as long as the gas lasts
(Play it!)

Look-it-here man, please check this oil
Look-it here man, please check this oil
Just a long Cadillac, bound to try out your soil

Note: previously unissued in North America.

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