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I'm Mad Again


by John Lee Hooker
recording of 1961
from The Vee Jay Years 1955-1964 (Charly 82333-1754-2) &
Vee Jay No. 1720,
copyright notice

I had a friend one time, at least I thought I did
Taken that man in my house, give him my food,
over my table, that I couldn't afford

He come to me, he said "Johnny, ain't got no place to stay"
I said "Yes man, come to my house"
I get you a place to stay, and a bed to sleep in,
that I couldn't afford

When I found out, you with my wife,
now I'm mad, like Al Capone
Well I warned you one time,
next time I warn you,
I'm gonna use my gun on you
'Cause I'm mad with you, hahaha
I'm mad with you, like Al Capone

Look man, I told you one time before
But this time, I'm gonna teach you,
a little lesson, you won't forget
Take this man, right down by, the riverside
I might drown you,
I might shoot you,
I don't know
gonna tie your hands, gonna tie your feet
gag you so you can't talk to nobody
I'm mad, rrrrr, I'm mad with you
you're sinkin', I'm mad

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