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No Substitute


by John Lee Hooker
recording of 1989
The Healer (Silvertone ZD74307), copyright notice

I wanna tell you a true story
the facts of life
'Cause I know all about it,
'cause I been through it a many times
Ain't no substitute, there's no substitute,
substitute for love

When your woman gone,
there's nothin' else can,
can take her place
But there's no substitute, substitute for love
No, no

Love will make you gamble
Love will make you drink
Make you stay out all night long,
lookin' for love
But there's no, no substitute,
substitute, substitute for love

I wanna tell you a story,
true, true, true story about love
Many times, many times, over 'n over, over in life,
so many people have tried, tried, to get a substitute
An' it just don't work, work on love

You may not be good looking,
you may not be so fine
But love, love, love love, love, love,
is a burning thing
It's a burning thing
I know, I know, I know, I know,
I been down, down, in a ring of fire
Lookin' for a love,
I couldn't find, I couldn't find a substitute,
uh, for love, for love, I cried, cried
I cried, cried but it just wasn't there,
just wasn't there

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