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(The) Waterfront


by John Lee Hooker
recording of 1966
House Of The Blues (Vogue VG 651 500115), copyright notice

I cover the waterfront, watchin' the ship go by
I could see, everybody's baby, but I couldn't see mine
I could see, the ships pullin' in, to the harbor
I could see the people, meetin' their loved one
Shakin' hand, I sat there,
so all alone, coverin' the waterfront

And after a while, all the people,
left the harbor, and headed for their destination
All the ships, left the harbor,
and headed for their next destination
I sat there, coverin' the waterfront

And after a while, I looked down the ocean,
as far as I could see, in the fog, I saw a ship
It headed, this way, comin' out the foam
It must be my baby, comin' down
And after a while, the ship pulled into the harbor,
rollin' slow, so cripple
And my baby, stepped off board
I was still, coverin' the waterfront

Said "Johnny, our ship had trouble, with the fog
And that's why we're so late, so late
Comin' home, comin' down'

Note: also known under the titles "I cover The Waterfront" and "Waterfront".

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