It's A Pity


by Deadric Malone / Herman "Junior" Parker
recording of 1962
Junior's Blues/The Duke Recordings, Vol. 1 (MCA MCAD-10669), copyright notice

It's a pity, oh it's a shame
I caught my baby, hey hey, with another man
Oh it's a pity, ooo it's a shame

She told me she loved me
I was her only man
Why did she hurt me?
Yeah, yeah I can't understand
Ooo, it's a pity, ooo it's a shame, yeah

She took all of my money
All that I owned
She wasn't happy, hey hey
With my love alone
Ooo, it's a pity, ooo-hoo it's a shame

Wonder, can I get witness?
Wonder, can I get a witness?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Wonder can I get a witness, it's a pity

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