Keb' Mo'


More Than One Way Home


by Kevin Moore / John Lewis Parker
recording of 1996
Just Like You (OKeh/Epic/Sony 484117 6), copyright notice

Daddy came around every once in awhile
But momma, she was there all the time
And summertime in Compton
Was not like TV
But we were right there
Where we needed to be
And the Thurmond boys
On peach street
With only their dad
So proud of themselves
And that old Pontiac they had
And miss brooks her bible
And her three little boys
At the double rock
Baptist church
Makin' a joyful noise

Well there's more than
One way home
Ain't no right way
Ain't no wrong
And whatever road you
Might be on
You find your own way
'Cause there's more than
One way home

Got me a job at the grocery store
Workin' weekdays after
School from 5 to 9
Tommy, John and Charlie were
The neighborhood stars

With their midsize homes,
And their big fancy cars
And when the eagle flied on Friday
I'd go out and play
Wastin' time with Otis
Out on the dock of the bay
And my ticket to adventure
Was a ride on the bus
Different places,
Different faces
But they were just like us

(Chorus 2x)

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