Keb' Mo'


Soon As I Get Paid


by Kevin Moore / John Lewis Parker
recording of 1998
Slow Down (OKeh/550/Epic/Sony 491613 9), copyright notice

Ring-a-ling with the telephone
Is the man of the house home
Your master card is overdue
We need a payment from you
Right now
Right away
I ain't got nothing to send you today
But I'm gonna give you all your money
Soon as I get paid

The joint was jumping
It was Saturday night
Her hair was long
And her dress was tight
I looked at her
She looked at me
And the champagne started flowing
Till a quarter to three
Look Mr. Bartender
I'm gonna make it okay
I´ll give you all your money
Soon as I get paid

Monday morning
Money's gone
It's a doggone shame
Don't worry
I´ll get you straight
We'll be fine
You'll get yours
When I get mine

Got a letter
From the IRS
Saying your tax return
Is a terrible mess
We want our money
We don't like to wait
Please come in and see us
On such and such a date
Right now
Right away
Don't get crazy
Don't try no mess
Or we'll take all your money
Soon as you get paid
Soon as you get paid

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