Keb' Mo'


The Action


by Kevin Moore
recording of 1996
Just Like You (OKeh/Epic/Sony 484117 6), copyright notice

Remember when we first met
I was so excited just to get to know you
Oh baby just to know you
I was just a little bit shy
God willing I was ready
To try to show you
Oh just to show you

I felt a little funny
But it was really no joke
I wanted to prove my love
In every word that I spoke

But the action
Speaks louder
You know the action
Speaks louder than
The word
The action,
Louder than the word

I loved you just the way you were
Somehow I had to find the nerve to tell you
Oh baby just to tell you
So I did what a man must do
I walked right over to you
And I was asking
Baby, lets go dancing

I felt a little guilty
But I had committed no crime
I wanted to love you
Love you and love you
For a long time


I can't wait until I'm holding you
And there's no doubt in your mind
You're the one and only one for me
Only one for me

I'm gonna prove my love no matter how long that it takes
The feelings I have for you they're no mistake


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