You Can Lead Me

by Sonny Boy Williamson I (John Lee)
recording of 1937-1938
The Bluebird Recordings 1937-1938 (RCA 66723), copyright notice

Now, here's my hand, babe
Now, here's my hand, babe
You can lead me where you want to
You can lead me where you want, me to go
Now, an if I don't make you happy
You won't have to fool with me no mo'

Now tell me baby
Now tell me baby
Baby, just what ya want me to,
Baby, what you want me to do
Now, I tried to be your little dog
Just to try to get along with you

I wanna talk to my brother, T.W.
I won't have no trouble
I want him to take me to schoolroom
I wanna see some them little school girls
Now, an when I get in back to Jackson
I tell my mother, n' I say, I been all around the world

I wanna see, Mr. Davis
Wanna talk to, Mister Walter Davis
I want him to do my a favor
Make me 'quainted with some pretty little girl
Now then, I want her to be real brown-skinned
With her hair hangin' down in curls

Now you can tell it to the eagle
You can tell it to the eagle
Let him take it out in the,
Let him take it out in, the west
We're goin' ta top a Smokey Mountain
That's where the eagle builds his nest

Now I'll see you baby, I'll see you baby
When you're down and out just like my,
When you're down just like myself
Now, but I'll meet you some lonesome day
And you won't be in love with nobody else

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