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The site has been growing at such a speed that I decided to place the site search option on a separate page to be able to include some tips for better search results.

How to get an optimum search result...
The Freefind.com search engine does regretfully not support an exact phrase option. This means that searching for "any" words and word combinations like "blues woke up morning" will result in multiple pages with results.
To get good results try to search for "obscure" words, words that "stick out" from the rest of words you usually find in lyrics. Using words like "the on a and" won't do your search any good either.

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TIP Use ctrl + f to search within a page!

P.S. If you now of a comparable free service that has an exact phrase option AND NO  LIMITATION on the number of pages (or at least 5,000 pages) on the web site, please let me know!

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