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bass tab




by Tommy Shannon/Chris Layton/Reese Wynans/B. Carter/Ruth Ellsworth
recording of 1989

from In Step (Epic EK-45024), copyright notice

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Crossfire Stevie Ray Vaughn


Verse 1


Day by day night after night


Blinded by the neon lights


Hurry here hustlin' there


No one's got the time to spare


Money's tight nothin' free


Won't somebody come and rescue me ?




I am stranded Caught in the crossfire


(I am) stranded Caught in the crossfire !


Verse 2


Tooth for tooth eye for an eye


sell you soul just to buy, buy, buy


Beggin' a dollar stealin' a dime


Come on can't you see that I






I need some kind of kindness


some kind of sympathy oh no !

E7 A

We're stranded Caught in the crossfire !


Guitar Solo (24 bars) ( repeat main lick 8 times)


Verse 3


Save the strong lose the weak


Never turning the other cheek


Trust nobody don't be no fool


Whatever happened to the Golden Rule ?


We've got stranded Caught in the Cross Fire

We've got stranded Caught in the Cross Fire

We've got stranded Caught in the Cross Fire

Stranded Caught in the Cross Fire


Help me !!

Guitar Solo

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