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Don't Mistake Kindness For Weakness


by Gwendolyn Collins / Eric Smith
recording of 1991

from Iceman (Capitol or Virgin 86197), copyright notice

You've been runnin' in the streets again, but I'd never had a hand on you
I've been a better man this year, than all the men that you've been through
Don't mistake kindness for weakness, 'cause a little girl, only a fool would stay with you

I tried so hard to please you babe, I've even turned your lies to truth
I said I tried so hard to please you baby, I turned your lies to truth
But when you said were my baby, I think I got to ask you for more proof

Don't mistake kindness for weakness, 'cause your chicken has come to roost
I said don't mistake kindness for weakness, baby, your chicken done come to roost
I think another man would be a fool, to try to hang around with you

I'm all done Mister Nice Guy but I ain't playin' around with your rules
If you think that's liquor talkin', you better try an' get on back to school
So mistake kindness for weakness, woman you done used up your, your last fool

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