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Don't Look Now But I've Got The Blues


by Lee Hazlewood
recording of 1950's

from My Sweet Little Angel (Flair V2-39103), copyright notice

My pockets are empty, I feel so low
If somebody loves me, ain't said so
And I got holes in both of my shoes
Don't look now but I've got the blues

There ain't nobody on this old earth
Who'll give a nickel for what I'm worth
I got more worries that I can use
Don't look now but I've got the blues

Troubles everywhere, I act like I don't care
But it's not true
'Cause I remember things, so many many things
But mostly, I remember you

I'm gonna go some place else
And cry these tears all by myself
I ain't got nothing left to lose
Don't look now but I've got the blues

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