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Aggravatin' Papa


by Britt / Robinson / Roy Turk
recording of February, 1923
The Complete Recordings, Vol. 1 (Columbia/Legacy C2K-47091), copyright notice

I know a triflin'1 man, they call him Triflin' Sam
He lives in Birmingham, way down in Alabam'
Then the other night he had a fight,
with a gal named Mandy Brown
She plainly stated he was aggravating,
as she shouted out to him

Aggravatin' papa, don't you try to two-time me2,
I said don't two-time me
Aggravatin' papa, treat me kind or let me be,
I mean just let me be
Listen while I get you told
Stop messin' round sweet jelly roll
If you stay out with a high-brown baby
I'll smack you down and I don't mean maybe
Aggravatin' papa, I'll do anything you say
Anything you say
But when you go struttin', do you strut around my way, so papa
Just treat me pretty, be nice and kind
The way you're treating me will make me lose my mind
Aggravatin' papa, don't you try to two-time me

Just treat me pretty, be nice and sweet
I got a darn forty-four3 that don't repeat
Aggravatin' papa, don't you try to two-time me

Note 1: triflin', to talk in a jesting or mocking manner or with intent to delude or mislead, to treat someone or something as unimportant;
Note 2: two-time me, to betray (a spouse or lover) by secret lovemaking with another;
Note 3: forty-four, caliber of a hand gun.

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