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Ain't Gonna Play No 2nd Fiddle


by Perry Bradford
recording of 1924 or 1925
The Complete Recordings, Vol. 2 (1924-1925) (Columbia/Legacy C2K-47471), copyright notice

Let me tell you daddy,
momma ain't gonna sit here and grieve
Pack up your stuff and get ready to leave

I stood your foolishness long enough,
so now I'm gonna call your bluff
Oh, I'm gonna call your hand,
so, now daddy here's my plan

Ain't gonna play no second fiddle 'cause,
I'm used to playin' lead

You must think that I am blind,
you've been cheatin' me all the time
Whoa yeah, you still flirt
And you'll notice I ain't hurt,
to see you with my chum
Do you think that I am dumb

You 'cause me to drink,
when I sit down and think
And notice that you never take heed
I went to your house the other night,
caught you and your good girl havin' a fight

Ain't gonna play no second fiddle 'cause
I'm used to playin lead

Caught you with your good-time tramp1,
so, now I'm gonna put out your lamp
Oh, poppa, I ain't sore
You ain't gonna mess up with me no more
I'm gonna flirt with another guy2,
then you're gonna hang your head an' cry2

Ain't gonna play no second fiddle 'cause
I'm used to playin' lead

Note 1: tramp, Dorus Sturm suggests "vamp" instead of tramp;
Note 2: guy & cry, Dorus Sturm suggests "sheik" & "weep" instead of guy and cry.

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