John Lee Hooker


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Church Bell Tone


by John Lee Hooker
recording of April 1959

from The Country Blues of John Lee Hooker (Original Blues Classics 542 or Riverside OBCCD-542-2), copyright notice

People I thought I heard, I thought I heard, heard them church bell tone
Well, I thought I heard , I heard, thought I heard this mornin', thought I heard the church bell tone
It might be tonin' for my baby, my baby she been mighty low

Way down, way down in shady land, way down, way down, way down in shady land
There's two great white horses, they gonna drive my baby away
Well, two, two great white horses, comin' to drive my baby to the buryin' ground

Hmmm, gonna take her down to a buryin' ground
I hate to see the two great white horses comin'
That ol' hearse gonna back up to the door
I know I heard, I know I heard, I know I heard, a church bell tone this mornin'
Hmm, I know I heard, heard the church bell tone
I said, "Bye bye, baby, bye bye, baby, I know we'll never meet again
Hmmm, we'll never meet no more; goodbye, baby, goodbye darlin' "

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