Black Cat, Hoot Owl Blues


recording of June 1928, Chicago, Illinois
Paramounts Chronologically, Vol. 5 (Black Swan 5), copyright notice

Black cat on my door-step, black cat on my window-sill
If one black cat don't cross me, another black cat will

Last night a hoot owl come and sit right over my door
A feelin' seems to tell me I'll never see my man no mo'

I feel my left side a-jumpin', my heart a-bumpin', I'm mindin' my P's and Q's1
I feel my brain a-thumpin', I've got no time to lose
Mama's superstitious, tryin' to overcome these blues

Note: superstition was omni-present in the black communities of the south and much significance was attached to the behavior of animals which were looked upon as omens of good or evil;
Note 1: P's and Q's, haven't found the meaning yet, if anyone has any suggestions, please mail me.

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