Down Home Blues
By Z.Z. Hill

She said your party’s jumpin', everybody's havin' a good time,
You know what's going through my mind
Would you mind if I get comfortable,
And kick off these shoes?
While you’re fixin’ me a drink,
Play me some o’ them down home blues

You see I don't get on the town,
I'm not the kind of girl
Who likes to run around
All week long. I been keepin' my cool
But tonight I'm gonna let my hair down,
And party on them down home blues

Down home blues, down home blues,
All she wanted to hear were those down home blues
All night long, every other record I choose
Now take off those fast records,
And play me some o’ them down home blues

You know my old man gonna fight,
He call on the hour, to the early morning light [?]
But I don’t care, tonight I’m gonna do as I choose
I’m gonna let my hair back, and party off these down home blues

Down home blues…